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One week, one goal

Better living, one week at a time

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." ~ Mark Twain

That quote is the basic premise for this community. Each week, each member should define a specific goal to reach that week. These goals should be something very simple and very achievable that you can do every day. For example:

"I will floss before bed"
"I will drink 64oz of water"
"I will practice the piano for one hour"
"I will get up before 7am to exercise"
"I will do something nice for my significant other"
"I will eat a real breakfast"
"I will write a short letter to someone"
"I will not smoke any cigarettes"
"I will spend 20 minutes tidying up the house"


These goals should all be something that you can DO - "lose 2 pounds" is not a goal, but "keep track of what I eat and stay under 1800 calories" is fine. Similarly, "I will find a girlfriend" is not a good example, but "I will make an effort to be friendlier to the people I see every day" is. Got it? Good. :)

At the end of the week, weigh in on how you did! You can have the same goal for as many weeks as you want, and before long, you'll have formed lots of good habits and achieved many goals.

In addition to the weekly posts, feel free to post about any triumphs and tribulations, smaller daily goals, or longer term things you'd like to achieve. And ABSOLUTELY comment on other people's goals... that's what we're here for!

There are no 'rules' per se, but please remember this community is about achieving healthy goals. Comments/posts that are pro-eating disorder, pro-drug, etc will not be tolerated. Nor will flaming - the point of a community is to support each other!

And of course, feel free to promote:

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