Goal for the week. Bust it wide open!

-Bust it @ BMC Agency in Charleston,SC as medicare supplement specialist! -talk to leads and grow pipeline. -Put systems in place to replace so I can produce. -show up for my kids -show up for myself everyday -show graditude to someone in my life everyday -center & surround myself with Love and faith - Make someone laugh alot. Love my first weekly goal list on livejournal Michael

week June 18-24

1. Finish sanding wheel #1.
2. Put gas in truck.
3. Change fuel filter.
4. Find out why blinkers aren't working and fix them.
5. Bang out bumper and attach to truck properly.
6. Wash 1 weeks worth of clothes.
7. Get together everything I'm taking back to my parents house.
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Goals for June 21- 28

- run or tennis 4 times
- yoga 3 times
- study languages 1.75 hrs/ day
- read a book
- clean room & hang shelf
- cook a meal
- sew rip in purse
- learn 1 new hairdo
- don't bite nails
- call about GDL

And for brownie points (not that I'm keeping points anyways):
- go to meditation
- sort photos

May 23, 2010

My one goal for this week is:

Stay Focused.  I am convinced that I have ADD.  I can not stay focused on anything important.  When I sit to pay my bills, for example, I end up watching YouTube videos all night and before I know it, the night is over!

Stay Focused.  Good luck to me.

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Goals for the 11th- 18th:

- run 5 times
- go to church
- send at least 2 emails to friends who are away
- study Greek for 45 minutes everyday
- study Hebrew 3 times
- drink 1L of water per day
- go to bed every night by 10:30 and get to every class on time

Goals for week of 12 April

Hmm, I accomplished 2 goals last week. However, I should still keep going to the gym and writing in my journal!

My new goals for this week are:

+ Study for finals 30 minutes a day

+ Arrive at each class 5 minutes early

+ Study Latin vocab for 10 minutes a day, this will be my hardest goal

+ Be friendlier to strangers. 


My first 1week1goal entry

First posting....!

So my goals this week Wednesday 8th to Tuesday 14th...

1) Clear up all the paperwork in my office (shred the outdated, file the current).
2) Revise my BSL work.
3) Finish my English coursework.
4) Hoover and vax the carpets.